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Universal Awareness LP - FREE STREAMING (OUT NOW!)

FREE STREAMING of the Universal Awareness LP - Links for lyrics + music videos are below.



Special Thanks to the people below: Edry Mendoza​ of Without Equal Productions​ Anthony Tamayo Asis of AnthonyAsis Cinematography​ Jesamine Poon Jake Nuere​ Rico Xenophon Tommy Chim Vinnie Chan Hazel Hui​ for the Album Cover Design and Real Haze​

Lyric + MV Link(s) ------------------------- I'm Here To Win

Potential MV In The Works ------------------------- No Guarantees

Music Video ------------------------- Slow This Down ------------------------- Walk The Walk ------------------------- Fallin' ------------------------- BETA ------------------------- Master Control (ft. dR.X)

Music Video ------------------------- Drown To Breathe ------------------------- Legendary Blows ------------------------- Unwrapped

Lyric Video ------------------------- No Permissions

Music Video ------------------------- Live ------------------------- Music Video ------------------------- Short Term Winners -------------------------

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