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Hector Constantino Telmo (born June 11, 1991), known by his stage name SAiNT CrossFade (SCF as an acronym) is a Filipino/Spanish artist from Philippines, born in Hong Kong. He believes that there is something far greater than the worlds society system, a dreamer and with passion in innovation.

The genius with thousands of ideas that recreate the stated rules and breaking the norm.
Developed interest in film production due to the vision of making music videos. Attracting countless interested talents, this brought the 7 pride slaughter band 'Dope Boy' that was established early 2011 along with a filming company 'Without Equal Productions'. 

As a visionary, SAiNT CrossFade is also the organizer of the 'Hong Kong Underground Cypher' which feature many talents from different backgrounds. The first in his city to connect the dots and destroy barriers in the Hip-Hop community. 

Established from 2015-2018 as legendary industry disruptor’s with DJ Mojito holding the title of the 'HK International Duo', building the Hong Kong’s English Division artists with their brand ‘Straight Outta Home Kong’, in partnership
withBCi Group that were
run in Fly HK and one of the biggest club landmarks in Lan Kwai Fong, VOLAR. Scoring a collaborative event hosting for artists such as Wu-Latino of Wu-Tang Clan and Trae Tha Truth.


After parting ways with DJ Mojito, it’s uncertain what the next steps will be, but he knows that the industry standards do not connect to his core values. ‘There has to be value to the content put out and he’s leaning towards music that are strongly moving’

'Life is about creating yourself, do not settle and waste your time pleasing what society wants to enslave you into' - SAiNT CrossFade

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