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My dream was to always be in front of thousands of people performing.. The photos below were of two events that happened in 2023 (above) and 2022 (below) First ever Hip Hop performance in KS Conference in front of over 1000 people in Dongguan, China. Below, with the BULLS Jacket, was my first time experiencing a fully professional setting performing in front of 2000 people. These two performances have been such a blessing and looking forward to rocking a larger crowd in the future.


Finally, my first music video and soundtrack with Macau's finest lyrical slaughterer, JRD Took us years before we can finally pull something off together, one day shoot and a couple of beers afterward!

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This was a really fun project, a 3 phase shoot and was an honor to be able to work with so many people. I'll just share the cool snapshots that we had in the 3 phases. Glad we take our time now working on our projects. It's all about the process, once we reach the end all it's over... This is why we keep going more to enjoy more shoot experiences!

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