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Highlight (Official Music Video) - OUT NOW

I am very thankful and grateful to the videographer who offered to film this, this was one of our tracks in our Ride Or Die EP that was highly mainstream based. Fact is a lot make bold statements of how the mainstream feel & overall concept is killing Hip-Hop. I call this evolving as an artist, and a lot who can't follow where the business & demand is are just wasting time. Everyone has their own opinions, not everyone has to agree with each other but only respect it. Though artists who stick to one strict genre/style and still do great with it, that's a bigger step, examples like these include Tech 9ine and Kendrick Lamar. The trick here is having a fine balance of growth and keeping themes like these that are more storytelling based. In my case, what I worked with DJ MOJITO here is a classic to us because it shows a street feel of Hong Kong & our humble beginnings including the respect you have to earn in order to move forward & be perceived as 'above the ranks'. If we did not hold the respect we have built throughout the years, we won't be able to be assisted by friends & associates that toured us around locations, such as Abacha's Hip Hop shop in Chung King, Dixon who took us around along with Malik. Or being able to request a shot at Pastis in Wyndham Street, Central due to a long-term friendship, this also includes the prestige location, SKYE in Causeway Bay. Preparation is key, but it's been a while since we came in empty handed of plans & freestyled this filming process. It takes a lot to build character & stand your ground with it, to be respected with what you do and be able to balance & leverage these relationships. This project was a really great experience and example of that, I thank the supporters + the free word of mouth direct marketing haters whom we don't pay a single dime to promote us. I'm blunt, it's really important to mind your own business so it'll pay you back in the long-run, time is too precious to waste it. If haters don't pay my bills, it's the same to you, go grow some balls + actually put yourself out there,. Good and bad publicity always attract what's best for you so you can keep the supporters. Look, let's be straight up real here, i'm beginning to tour + make money out of this & everything's working out. If you can do better, I will salute you with no second thoughts. But if you are here to complain and can't actually make a difference? Now that is a terrible problem there, so go make a difference and i'll support that. SCF-SAiNT

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