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Straight Outta Home Kong

Hong Kong, a city rich in history and strong in culture, where new music & art is up-and-coming but isn't appreciated and accepted as well. With a massive underground scene of elites that possess all the skills and talent to get noticed on an international level, talents are quite often overlooked. The city is also known to be multicultural, but it’s own mainstream scene has a lot of potential and is still growing. History is yet to be written where Hong Kong’s music and party scene is to be recognised on an international level.Believing heavily in the lifestyle and culture of Hip Hop, with major focus on the musical aspect, Straight Outta Home Kong is a Hong Kong based international brand which was created to eliminate the barriers and carry forward the pride of the many elites who seek to create history, serving you the dopest of international level entertainment, including events, parties, festivals, and more all around the prime cities of Asia. Straight Outta Home Kong also embodies and concentrates on bringing its finest talent including deejays, emcees, beatboxers, breakers, dancers and more in to the spotlight, creating a movement.The direction is set with Hong Kong known as home to many. The perception in the eyes of many will flip as Straight Outta Home Kong consistently brings unique and fresh concepts to you over time. Facebook | Instagram @StraightOuttaHomeKong


Representing Straight Outta Home Kong, @djmojito852 and @scfsaint aka the HK International Duo are in the spotlight for an explosive night at Club Raven in Xiamen this weekend. With an open format DJ x MC set back to back, they look forward to giving China a taste of their Hip Hop roots with some tracks off the Ride or Die EP, as well as the latest party House hits that are guaranteed to set the roof on fire. Look out for live performance and highlight videos to follow!

Special Thanks to Franciz aka Frac Attack for hookin' this up for us in Raven Nightclub, China - Xiamen. April 8, 2016 is when we state a mark and tour repping this brand for the first time and can't wait to meet music heads in China!

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