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When The Beat Drops (Official Music Video) x Time Bomb (Who I Was) LP - OUT TODAY

Time Bomb (Who I Was) is a journey through time and collection of moments, a fight of a previous version of yourself aiming to become the outcome of what you desire. Making the most out of moments, believing that everything has an ending. Then learning the final outcome of building to have moments last a lifetime. Finally letting go of what outcome you desire and letting things fall into place, trusting you will be given what you deserve as long as you focus being the person you want to become. I'd like to take this moment to personally thank everybody who contributed to make this happen. I love what I do and this brings out the best in me, self-actualization. Will keep aiming to become better with every step ahead. This was one of the big-step experiences I've ever had, the project included budget for filming, marketing and quite a lot more. When I first started all my works were just for the fun of it. Today, the steps I've been taking are to make myself and the team closer to being professional. I've never released anything online before, now this LP is in iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and a lot more platforms including radio streaming. CD Baby (Stream Full Album TODAY: iTunes (Stream Full Album In Apple Music TODAY: Lyrics: I'd love to mention a lot of names, but i'm sure as long as you are reading this - you know who you are. I really thank you for the support and it's people like you that keep me going. No matter how my imperfections may alter our friendship in the past, present or future, just know that I appreciate you a lot and will always have respect towards you for supporting my journey. Sincerely yours,

Hector Telmo SCF-SAiNT

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