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'No Lie' (Official Music Video) by DJ MOJITO X SCF-SAiNT - The Experience

'No Lie' - This was something definitely way different than our past music. All thanks to Platinum Sellers Beats for producing such a lovely tune! We were thinking of an old school, early 2000 R&B feel that we wanted to bring back, including the style with modern music. It was sure tough pulling this off, we've been trying since last year but just couldn't get the right people and finally in 2016 we did! The story-boarding was last minute and we were only able to pull off a few parts, though overall I'm very happy with the outcome! This world is about people, of course not everyone can please everybody. But we need relationships to pull through and get to where we want to be by being who we are and communicating to the world so we can find the others. Check out a few photos below, credits to Jacky Lee Photography for the photos and Edry Mendoza of Without Equal Productions for the video!

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