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'The Spectacular Now' - Finding My Signature

Today is when I probably can say, everything that happened isn't so bad and it was worth it.Like what they say 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. All my life, all I did was give myself fully because I knew at one point not everybody can stay.There will be people that won't get along with you, ones that will stay, least expected to show. We all have this idea of how there is a game in attraction, we all play this game and drama in this world that we live in. We all know that we can't always win, and what's happiness anyway when there isn't any struggle? The hardest and most challenging thing we can ever do is be ourselves, because of how everybody else follows this society and its system - believing that if we do not follow the rules we will not succeed. Though I strongly believe that to succeed is to become who you really are, and not take anything less than what you deserve. If you know what you really have heart for, it's a simple as doing and building momentum. Everything we choose in this life will always be a risk, because of the beauty of not knowing what is ahead of us, but trusting that communicating and taking action now is what will align the dots ahead. I've been trying my best to smile, stay positive and set an example to everyone around me. It’s been great since I have more than I ever could ask for. Knowing that you have people that fully understand who you are is the most rewarding experience I have ever had today. Even when I’ve lost track throughout the years, we always somehow stumble upon the unexpected. Just like how someone changed everything for me recently. I’ve finally learned how to live in the spectacular 'now'. There will always be tomorrow to look forward to. But if we lose track of today wondering what tomorrow will be, this is where we lose what is preciously before us. What amazes me most is everything makes more sense to my life today. This unexplainable feeling, so strong and a reminder of who you are and what you should aim to become. This realization allows you to embrace and make peace with your past, realizing you forgot part of you but they reminded you everything you once feared about your life. It's funny and ironic at the same time, we always seem to not want to be taught sometimes and things will eventually make sense one day. We all go through this I believe, walk separate paths. But what is separate really when we all have one ultimate goal, love and happiness? No one is wrong and no one is right, but the proof and experienced that stands before us is usually the right one. As much as I’m aligned with everything else that is part of what I asked from this universe. There are situations you have to put up with and also have to make difficult but necessary choices to move to what you want. Whatever choice we make, there is always a lesson. It's just that we have to choose one and not know what that other originally had in store. Life’s action packed with choice isn't it? Moral to this for everyone is to live today, not limit yourself from the past or worry about the future.The worst thing a lot of us do is forget what is before us and fail to fully embrace it, including ourselves.Embrace who you are, your identity, make the most out of your passion and given talents. Because those are the keys to living a successful life. To live in 'The Spectacular Now'. If I didn't risk to have myself open to feel again - I wouldn't be writing this now and be able to find who I am once again and 'my signature'. Thanks for reading. Your life experience enthusiast and artist. Hector - SCF-SAiNT

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