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'Free Love' first single with DJ Mojito

We took a lot of time working on this one, 4 days in total to complete the project. Day 1, if it wasn't for Ranelyn De Leon for helping us make the 'Epic Yacht Party 2015 - The Bigger The Wetter' happen, we wouldn't have the great clips from the Yacht. Lot's of credits and love to Ranelyn for that! Day 2, organized and directed with Edry Mendoza of Without Equal Productions. After the recent restructuring, he has been head of everything and glad he helped us from this day onward until the end of the project. With three lovely ladies as casts with us, Victoria Chui, Janis Au and Rachelle Fawcette who really made it enjoyable! Day 3, great thanks to Anderson Muth for referring us to 'Secret Island Party', wouldn't be connected to Tamara Norris who pushed to give us a set on a Sunday afternoon. It was such a great experience pulling the crowd from nothing to a big bunch! Looking to hopefully perform again next year for a set at night time!

Day 4, this was incredible Janis Au and Kirsty Liu did their best to help get us two sets in one event as representatives with Genting. We couldn't thank you enough, great love for you both for helping us in this and definitely looking forward to New Year 2015 + Zoukout and upcoming events! This is just a start, but surely there will be better and more ahead. Now focused with DJ MOJITO and Edry Mendoza + endorsing the brands we are currently connected with. Soon enough this website will become an official link to instead of wix when all goes to plan.

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