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9 Tips To Young Dreamers

Things you planned and expected not shifting to where you wanted it to?

Think again, everyone faces this issue and only the most persistent in a scale of 40%-60% achieve their vision.

I've been through a lot and still will continue to face lessons ahead.

With everything i have experienced personally, i thought it would be great to share the universe what i think.

Here are a few tips i would like to share to everyone, especially young adults

whom are building their identity.

1. Time is your most valuable asset

Now is the time, the present is your most precious position.

If you do not focus in investing your time, money & hard work on yourself today, you will

definitely regret it if the ball is not rolling in your expected years.

2. Spend your time with people who contribute to your asset

They usually would call people like me an asshole because everybody hates the truth.

Now, give me a good reason why shall i spend my time with you, when i can be productive and move forward working in what benefits me to reach my goals, get the picture?

Do not forget to celebrate time to time with every little achievement, everybody needs little breaks.

3. Stick to the right people.

Like it or not, the people you spend your time with is what you become.

Yes, there will be people that slow or drag you down too. You need to find a flock that is better than you, stick to people whom are better to become better. Find role models that keep you reminded that if they can do it, you can too.

On the other hand, keep friends who bring out the best within you, value these people for they are part of your asset in moving forward.

4. Motivating yourself

You need to find what triggers your inner strength & what pushes you.

I treat everyday as if it was the last day of my life.

Time is very valuable and its best to be as productive as the time ticks.

Every negativity i face or witness is what i tell myself not to become ahead, it is what pushes me to become better than the standards that i stand with now. Today is not forever because change is constant, but the change connects the dots to what you do today.

For personal reasons, i treat my time like a time bomb and think of myself as an individual fighting for a living. Not a child whom is still relying on his parents as a fall back, most of us get too comfortable and that's bad. Although, worst case scenarios could be excused. But remember, they will not stick around forever.

And you don't have much time either because you cannot buy your time or youth back, you should be where you are by the time they retire to not hold you back from your personal goals.

Sacrifice for yourself now so you wouldn't have to sacrifice for others in the long-run because you

become stable at an earlier stage.

5. Dream big

I didn't mean dream too big where it's unrealistic, that will have you live in constant disappointment. But do dream big that it scares you, i'm talking achievements that you must reach.

Your dreams and goals are one, it is your baby, now you don't let anybody hurt that baby.

It does not matter how small that goal is, it all starts with something small then becomes big.

As long as it's related to where your heading, it's progress to your destination.

Ask yourself daily, what can or did i do today to bring myself closer to my goals?

Think your slacking off? Get a move on!

6. Persistence

We all know that nothing comes easy, and something earned easy is easily lost.

While that we work hard for will last and is worth the prize.

Now this is the tricky part, i suffer OCD so it's a natural thing for me to be progressive.

But that persistence sometimes can still drain you from patience and energy.

Remember how a baby would react building blocks and it fell? Didn't they laugh and just keep trying over and over?

7. Love yourself

You will need to be able to take care, accept and love yourself before you can begin loving others.

Now let's go back to what i said in no.2 and no.3, you as well on the other hand will only be noticed of your value and valuable people stick to the right people.

As bad as it sounds, this is how the world works, that is why it is best to practice spending your

time with people better than you, to become better. But always be humble, you will always have friends who do not fit in that category or are in your level.

I'd rather looked up to than looked down on, i'm not here to satisfy society, i'm here to fix my enemy, whom is myself. You can only improve everyday, but are you willing to face your fears and turn them to your advantage?

Marketing can be an example, every business needs a target in their market segment, low class, middle class and high class. There are cheaper gyms and there are high class gyms, i may be starting small now, but i aim to be better than high class because there is no limit. What about you?

Remember, your greatest enemy is you, whom is also your greatest ally.

There will always be negatives, but negatives can always be turned around to positives.

8. Follow your gut

Now how many of you have the ability to follow your gut?

It's understandable that some people care for us, our parents, our closest friends whom are like family. But end of the day, you will have to make decisions by yourself.

Learn to listen and keep advice from people but everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

So make sure you do what makes you happy, because happiness cannot come from a source, it can only come from within.

9. Always try first.

There is never a harm in trying, but there is a permanent failure in not trying.

You can fail once, but that gives you alternatives to understand why you fail, it may take another 50 tries before you get it right but it will depend on your persistence.

Depending on a situation, there will still be certain things that you still cannot change.

But then again, at least you tried and found out your answer, prevent yourself living with "what if's". This also enables you to try other opportunities that you never thought about.

Remember, a lot of successful people had to fail a lot of times before succeeding.

A baby just laughs and tries all over again, be that baby, have fun until you are able to build the blocks steady.Enjoy what you do and forget about the ambition.

Now, i guess these are 9 points I live with and i hope it helps you too.

These are just tips, nobody can help yourself but you.

So get a move on and start being productive from today onward! - Hector Telmo

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