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H.K U.G CYPHER 3.0 (Filming Day & In The Works)

If there's one thing passion can do, that will be unity. This began as a vision in year 2008 and is happening today. Assumptions portray that we only brag but my honest opinion here is, 'i learned a lot through the journey'.

Many define 'living the dream' as doing what you love and making a living out of it. Sure, that's certainly a great aspect to live and breathe what you are good in doing. But you can also be versatile and create your own movement. If you are strong enough to believe, nothing is impossible and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. It comes with hard work, dediction and a lot of sacrifice. There will also be some things we cannot control but it depends on how you look at the situation.

What's great about finding your answer even if it's not as expected, it gives you an opportunity to knock on other doors until you find what's right for you, so look positively with your rejections. In our 20's, this is the age of adventure, research, uncertainty, learning and a lot of beer. It's not yet the time to settle i believe, this is our prime in creating and crafting our self-beings to our desired vision/ dreams. Until we know ourselves and reach to our prime potential then we will be able to move further in our journey. I live by my quote that i once told a friend 'love yourself and love will find you'.

If life was a nintendo game, we can surely fail and try all over again by simply pressing the restart button. But its definitely not, time is money that spends itself so we have to make sure it is worth every investment. Live whom you vision to be, not by what people and society expects you to be. Hector Telmo SCFSAiNT

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