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Hong Kong ALL STAR CYPHER (Official Music Video - OUT NOW!)

About over a decade ago when we first met the Hong Kong veteran rappers in the Tagalog division, they always wanted to do an 'ALL STAR CYPHER' which never happened, it did today though! Here's our first successful launch together with Young Hysan, OoZzie, Visionz, Likalento Chucky, Gold Mountain, JRD of Macau and DJ MOJITO.

Unfortunately, J.Dhillon and Likalento Cryme weren't able to make it to the shoot, that includes Likalento Rasty M16 who was quite caught up with personal responsibilities. Original line-up was 12 rappers, we originally wanted more as they say you gotta pitch 10 in order to get 1, and 9 is not bad of a number considering the level of talent in this project. We asked a lot of other rappers locally to join forces in this project as it is definitely for the city's culture build up. But to our experience, not everyone sees the bigger picture uniting talents. I'm here to filter out people who are lone wolves, for I strongly believe if you learn how to work with others, you surely will go far. Hong Kong is a great vibrant city, though pursuing music means it's ok to live here but you gotta get out and get bookings out of the city to make a living out of it. Everyday is a new beginning, we always aim to step up our cypher game in each comeback. Special Thanks again to all participating artists and everybody: Edry Mendoza of Jacky Lee of SCF-SAiNT

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