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R.O.D - Ride Or Die (Official Music Video) - OUT NOW by DJ MOJITO x SCF-SAiNT

R.O.D - Ride Or Die Produced by: Sean Ross of Jee Juh (Tracked Out License) Lyrics: Proud to present 'Ride Or Die' to you, we've worked on this for a couple of months and had a few amendments on shoot plans due to everybody having different schedules. Really glad how the re-branding of all three are going well (DJ MOJITO, SCF-SAiNT & Without Equal Productions), this will be part of our upcoming EP end of this year. 'Ride Or Die EP' and my 'Time Bomb LP' will be out so be sure to grab a copy when they're available! They will be free for public due to our re-branding purpose and also to thank the public eye for the on-going support. Ride Or Die is a song about respect, this is hard to earn and throughout the years of continuous progression it's important to show who you truly are to everyone and plant seeds to keep the right people around you. One of the film dates were on my 25th birthday, quarter-life crisis this year - June 10 and we began filming by midnight - celebrating my birthday together with Peggy Lee, glad it was big and yet fun with many different faces. Film day two was at 11 Studio HK, was a great experience doing this type of shoot as we never really did yet in the past. Especially the support we had from 'Luis Rocklee Lourenço, Founder of 2Legit all the way from Macao. The coolest part about this is we both came from the same high school, this shows how small the world is. Check out 2Legit at: Coming to a realization recently, everything comes around so treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Lifes a battle and we're all in it together, no matter what role you choose to play we all contribute an artform - just make sure you do what makes you happy, not by the judgement of others. Yours truely, SCF-SAiNT

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